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Telephone interpreting

If no medical staff member able to communicate with a patient is present, it is necessary to proceed according:

SPĚVÁČEK překladatelská agentura (SPA – Contractor) offers professional telephone interpreting services. These services are provided during working hours from 8:00 to 20:00. On weekends and public holidays, the Contractor provides interpreting services depending on availability or based on a prior agreement that must be made on working days during 8:00 to 20:00.

English and German interpreting is provided within several minutes.

Polish, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and French interpreting is provided within no more than 120 minutes.

Interpreting in other languages is also provided depending on the capacity of the translation firm.


Telephone interpreting ordering procedure:

On a working day in the morning, call 233 331 627 (637). At other times, call 604 298 472 and request interpreting. Within several minutes, the operator will inform you of the telephone number of an interpreter who is waiting for your call. If interpreting can be planned for a specific time, arrangements should be made with the SPA operator regarding the organization of the call, the exact time of the call, and the issues to be discussed.

When ordering interpreting, the following information must be provided:

-  the employee's name and the department

-  the patient's name or other identification data

-  the requested language

-  the requested time of interpreted call

-  details regarding the topic to be discussed and the conditions of the call

The cost of telephone interpreting is paid by the requesting person (FOREIGN NATIONAL). 

The price of a call is approximately CZK 60 per minute.

A 100% surcharge on the above price applies to calls made during 20:00 – 8:00.

A CZK 500 deposit for telephone interpreting must be paid at the Information Center.